Did you know our energetic system controls our physiology?


What is Energetic Therapy?

Energetic Therapy is one of many names used to describe methods that influence and manipulate the “life-force” that determines our vitality. When this natural flow is interrupted illness occurs in one form or another. While only more recently recognized in the West, this healing principle has long been understood by most of the world’s cultures. In more scientific terms energetic therapy helps regulate the electromagnetic energy that flows through the body. Once the body’s bio-energies are restored to their natural balance, wellness will also be restored through a natural process of self-healing. Since life is a unified force physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual healing can result. Energetic therapy can be especially effective for stress related illnesses and for releasing emotional trauma. People often experience deep relaxation as well as increased health and well-being.

What do I do during Energetic Therapy sessions?

Before the session begins, we discuss your intake form and choose a focus for the session. During the session we delve deep into the areas of your body-soul that need healing using a combination of guided visualization, mindful breathing, sound therapy and a manipulation of your energetic field.  At the beginning we work together to free your subconscious mind from the constraints of negative thoughts and painful emotions. This allows you to release blockages and helps restore your body’s natural ability to self-heal.  I then focus on attuning and balancing your vital life-force. It is important for me to acknowledge that I do not heal anyone, I am simply a conduit for the Source energy that comes from beyond the limitations of time and space. Results can include pain relief, stress relief, increased energy, and accelerated natural healing as well as improved mood and general well-being. After the session, you have a chance to share any insights you received or ask questions.

Shayna Nechama is extraordinary. She puts her heart and soul into her work and the results are amazing. She has helped me many times using her energetic therapy as well as what she calls body-soul consultations.
— Ruby Ayers, Kihei, HI
                               Every Day, Every Minute, We Can Reinvent Ourselves!

                              Every Day, Every Minute, We Can Reinvent Ourselves!