Are you ready to add a spiritual element to your daily regimen?


Even a short morning routine that includes prayer or meditation can make a big difference in your day and your ability to keep to your chosen lifestyle program.



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True Confidence

Do you feel like you trust yourself?


If you truly trust yourself then you will not only be confident but you will exude confidence. Try focusing on being confident in who you and see what a difference it makes.



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Positive Anger

Don’t be afraid to express righteous indignation in a constructive manner.

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Positive anger expresses, from the depths of the soul, care and concern and has the power to transform our reality for the better!



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Controlling our Thoughts

Do you find yourself having negative thoughts sometimes?


When I have negative thoughts I like to try to reframe the thought in a positive way. Sometimes it is hard but if we get creative we can do it. In this way we can control our thoughts.



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Be Authentic

Authenticity thrives on self-expression.


Try making a list of all the things you enjoy doing that you are good at. Then choose one item and allow yourself to do that in a way that expresses your individuality.



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