Envision Yourself Full of Vibrant Health - Body and Soul

It is so easy to get discouraged when we don’t have optimal health. To offset the feelings of depression or anxiety, as often as you can envision yourself in perfect health (body and soul) and summon up the feeling of gratitude that accompanies this reality.

This is especially true if we have health issues that seem to respond to our efforts only to “relapse” sometime later. When this happens we tend to feel down and focus on what is wrong with our bodies, forgetting what a strong influence our thoughts have. And the more we preoccupy our thoughts with what we don’t want, the more we lose hope of ever being well.  It is a terrible cycle, one that I still struggle with. Let's all focus on the amazing satisfaction that we will get after we've completed what we've set out to do.

Preparatory Steps: Day 10