Projecting Your Ideal Desired Outcome

Are you remembering to project your ideal desired outcome every morning?


Are you remembering to project your ideal desired outcome every morning? As often as you can, envision yourself in perfect health (body and soul) and summon the feeling of gratitude that accompanies this reality. Focus on the amazing satisfaction that you will get after you’ve completed what you’ve set out to do.

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Giving Your Mind a Break

Sometimes we need to take time off to really relax and take our minds off everything we are working on. Constantly hyper-focusing, even on improving our health is unhealthy.


Try getting a massage, going to a place of natural beauty, reading a good book or watching an uplifting movie, taking a hot bath with baking soda, Epson salts and essential oils, having tea with a friend, buying yourself some flowers, calling someone you haven't talked to for a while, or playing a game – whatever will make you feel good and give your mind a break.

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Sometimes change, even positive change, brings other unexpected challenges. It can be helpful to talk these challenges through with someone else. 


Try brainstorming all the associated ways of carrying out your upcoming challenges with a trusted friend or practitioner. Then choose that way or those ways that resonate with you best.

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Minimizing Expectations

Minimize your expectations. Be open to help coming from unsuspected sources. Remember you are not alone in the Universe.


Often we tend to overthink things and have expectations based on preconceived notions. This can prevent the manifestation of what we really want. By being open to the unexpected we expand our possibilities.

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Releasing Control of the Outcome

After you get the balls rolling for positive change release your need to control the situation or receive approval. Let the healing come.


Sometimes we are so busy working hard to create the reality we desire that we forget to get out of the way and let it be. Once we have done our part it is time to let our Source take the reins. We can pray to be a part in making this creation manifest, but we need to release control of the outcome.

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