Getting in Tune with your Body

Now that you have eliminated your biggest stressor and prepared yourself to receive the healing you desire it is time to get in tune with your body.


When we are stressed, angry or otherwide annoyed it is hard to read the signals our bodies send to us. Use your newfound sense of calm to notice what you body is saying.


Bk2 Action step number two 


Preparing for the Next Phase

Are you remembering to project your ideal desired outcome every morning? Keep doing this as you prepare to go on to the next phase in your healing journey: Getting in tune with your body.


Before we move on to the healing tips in book two of my Creative Steps to Healing, Joy, and Clarity I recommend that you go back and review the 37 tips from book one. Note the areas that you have moved forward on and congratulate yourself! Earmark the areas that still need work. Remember, we are all a work in progress!

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Deciding You Want to be Healed

Remember the very first step to healing: Decide you want to be healed! This is really the most important step of them all. Without a firm decision that you want to be healed, you cannot affect the changes needed for healing.


Our subconscious minds are very powerful. Make sure you are not holding yourself back with a subconscious desire to stay sick.


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Releasing Leftover Attachment

Is it time to revisit your energetic practitioner? Focus on releasing any leftover attachment to the stressor(s) you got rid of and open yourself up to moving on to the next stage of the healing process.

leftover attachment.jpg

Remember to always say before you begin, “I am ready and willing to be healed.” Afterward, drink plenty of water and take it easy.


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Thanking Your Source

In prayer or meditation, thank your Source for giving you the ability to reach the healing you desire. Express your gratitude that you have been able to rid your life of that which was stressing you the most. 


Once again toss up your need to control the outcome and open yourself up to the healing powers that are available to you.


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