Eat and Drink!

Remember to eat and drink in a timely manner. If you feel hungry eat something nutritious. Don't wait till you have finished what you are doing.

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Don't wait to eat and drink till you have finished what you are doing. When we wait to eat we tend to eat the wrong things or eat too much.


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Electrolyte Water

In addition to drinking pure water you might try adding some electrolyte water. It is good to drink both filtered water and electrolyte water intermittently throughout the day. 

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Chronic dehydration is a leading cause of illness. A good rule of thumb for water intake is 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds body weight. You can find electrolyte powders at health food stores or make your own.


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Drink Water!

Start out every day with two cups of water. Add a splash of lemon or lime.

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By drinking two cups of water first thing in the morning we can replace the water our bodies lost during the night and insure that we are not starting out our day dehydrated.


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