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Staying in the Flow

Do you find that sometimes you are flowing in a strong current but at other times you slow down or stagnate?

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When we have tapped into our transformative power, and successfully transformed our fear into positive action, we have entered the Flow. Being in the Flow can be exhilarating but when we begin to stray from the current it can be a downer. The key is to allow the Creator to direct us so that the Flow can continue as is intended.



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Transforming Fear

Do you find sometimes that the fear of what might happen keeps you from moving forward?

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It can be helpful to look back and notice what actually happened, in similar situations in the past, versus what we thought would happen. Once we do this we can transform our fear into action and apply what we learned to our current situation.



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Transformative Power

Are you aware of your internal shifts?


When we shift our perspective about ourselves we regain our intrinsic inner power. Release your power from the bonds you have held it in!



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New Life

Do you sometimes find yourself falling in to old patterns?

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Once we get a glimpse of who we really are we can find the capacity to change our patterns and move into a new perspective - a new life!



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Accessing our True Selves

Do you know who you really are?

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If we really pay attention to our thoughts and our actions we can come to understand who we are and why we do what we do. Try reflecting on this during your quiet time!



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