If you are stressed, fatigued or lacking in wellness I can guide you though the process of transformation needed to relieve your distress and move towards optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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I offer a variety of personalized services and group classes including Holistic Health Consultations, Wellness Coaching, Fibromyalgia Recovery and Life-Management Coaching, Body-Soul Consultations, Energetic Therapy and Spiritual Energetics. Click Here for my Menu of Services  


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What makes my services unique?

I tailor my services to fit your (or your group's) specific needs, utilizing my background, training, experience and intuition to help you heal your whole self.


Whether you are looking for herbal or essential oil remedies, want lifestyle, nutritional or supplement advice, need ways to help make you feel better emotionally or spiritually, or want to learn how the tools offered to us in Jewish observance can enhance our spirituality and enable us to connect with the Divine I am here to guide and support you. If you want to delve deeper and experience the transformative energies of energetic therapy, I work with you to release blockages, rebalance your vital life-force and restore your body’s natural ability to self-heal. My own journey to healing has been long with many challenges. I am committed to sharing what I have learned, and to helping others travel down a quicker road. Through my work and in my life I continually strive to increase balance and harmony and will help you do the same.

Never in my life would I have expected the results I got within minutes of her arrival. I am an objective, science-based IT manager that was frankly unimpressed with the techniques used on me that day. Ms. Naveh changed all that. This was almost two years ago. If it ever recurs I will be calling her and no one else. Her techniques eliminate the need for opiods and the pain.
— Phill Schmidt, Kihei, HI

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