Who am I and why am I running for the JCM BOD?


I am excited to be a part of realizing the full potential of this awesomely diverse Jewish community and aspire to help create a stable and lasting community model.  We need a strong variety of personalities and skill sets within the board and I am committed to utilizing all my skills, knowledge and capabilities to support our short-term goals and our long- term vision.  My focus will be on ensuring that Beit Shalom runs smoothly and that we have key policies and procedures, as well as educational opportunities in place to provide a solid base for moving forward. I was an active member of JCM from 2001 - 2010, serving 3 ½ years on the board (the last two as VP). In the last eight months I have returned, taking part in organizing and leading services and events, preparing for and teaching classes, and collaborating with our spiritual leader and board members to document and solidify our vision. I have also helped form our new Chevra Kadisha. I believe that I can now most effectively assist our congregation as a board member.

About Me (Click here for my resume)

I moved to Maui in 2001 from Israel, bringing with me my zeal for being part of a vibrant Jewish community. I was an active member of and volunteer for JCM from 2001- 2011, serving on the board for 3 1/2 years, two of them as Vice President. I have also been a member of JCM’s Chevra Kadisha since 2006 and even after I stopped attending Beit shalom regularly I never refused a call to do a tahara. I am now participating in the new Chevra Kadisha and have been a key member in its formation. I have also volunteered hundreds of hours over the years to sponsor Jewish events on the island. Since 2006 I have facilitated numerous retreats with guest rabbis on various topics connected to Jewish spirituality and have hosted evening lectures. In addition I facilitated three Kupuna Meet the Rabbi events. Before and after I formed the Maui Chavurah, I facilitated Passover seders, Tu B’shvat seders, Sukkot & Simchat Beit Hashoeva gatherings, Purim and Chanukah parties, dinners/ lunches as well as holiday get- togethers.

My real love though is adult Jewish education. I am proficient at teaching those whose heart and soul is drawn to a Jewish based spirituality but have limited knowledge in Torah studies. While on Maui I have taught Beginning Biblical, Conversational and Prayer Book Hebrew as well as some basic Spiritual Energetics workshops and Hebrew/Judaica classes.  I incorporate a lot of spiritual counseling in my work as a holistic health practitioner as I believe that true holistic health encompasses all aspects of well-being including the spiritual. I am passionate about the need for a user-friendly approach to Jewish observance and to finding a balance between honoring the wisdom of our traditions that hold us together and essential progressivism.  I have recently realized that this is part of my calling and I enrolled six months ago in a three year Spiritual Leadership Network Program, which is training me to help provide Piskei Halakha (practical Halakhic solutions) for people.  I am loving the studies which are amazing as well as challenging and I expect it will be an arduous but exciting journey. Prior to moving to Maui in 2001 I lived in Israel, Alaska, Washington and California.

My goal has always been to enhance and broaden the Jewish community on Maui and I cannot express how happy I am that so many others now share this objective. It is my intention to assist, to the best of my ability, in furthering the goals of the newly invigorated JCM. According to my understanding this includes embracing and building personal connections with all Jews (and our non-Jewish friends) wherever they may be on their Jewish journey, increasing the level of Jewish awareness and education on the island and building a radically inclusive, spiritually vibrant, and socially pleasurable and responsible Jewish community.

Each Shabbat morning at Beit Shalom Synagogue, we recite this “Prayer for our Congregation”. I believe it is an important prayer as it is important to bless all the dedicated people whose varying skills are necessary in order to meet the needs of this community and to support the Jewish Congregation of Maui.

“May He who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah, bless this entire congregation, together with all holy congregations: them, their sons and daughters, their families, and all that is theirs, along with those who unite to establish synagogues for prayer, and those who enter them to pray, and those who give funds for heat and light, and wine for Kiddush and Havdalah, bread to the wayfarer and charity to the poor, and all who devotedly involve themselves with the needs of this community and the Land of Israel. May the Holy One Praised be He reward them; may He remove sickness from them, heal them, and forgive their sins. May He bless them by prospering all their worthy endeavors, as well as those of the entire people Israel. And let us say: Amen. “ --- Siddur Sim Shalom

We just entered the month of Iyar which is known as the month of healing. It is a propitious time to work towards all kinds of healing, both on the personal level and on the community and global level. I am attempting to take advantage of this special time to work on my own personal lackings and hope that my efforts will enable me to better serve the community. May we all prosper in our worthy endeavors and find, despite the many challenges before us, the achdut/unity and chesed/loving-kindness necessary to transform this unique Jewish community of Maui into a model for sustainable, enjoyable Jewish life.


Shayna Nechama Naveh

May 2019

Meet The Other Candidates: The following is the slate of candidates that I feel will work the best together for the Board of Directors 2019-2020. It is wonderful that we have some competition (it was a hard decision)!

President: Sheri Levin McNerthney  Vice President: Boris Gladshtein

Secretary: Sarah Shaines Treasurer: Simon Vojdani:

Directors at Large (can vote for five): Eve Berman, Janine Holstein, Harriet (Happy) Lefton, Shayna Naveh, Jessica Pearl

Our Vision.jpg

Our joint goal is to get JCM on solid footing and to incrementally transform JCM into a vibrant pluralistic center of Jewish life on Maui. We want to bring Jews together to build a community that the entire Jewish spectrum represented on Maui wants to be part of. Our intention is to strengthen and evolve the organization with sustainable programing and a strong self-sustaining financial base while inspiring the individuals in our Jewish community to become more involved and committed to Jewish identity, literacy, tradition, and spirituality.