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Choose from one or more of the following options to fit your personal health and wellness needs. To schedule an appointment please text (808)268-6112 or email:

Not sure which option or options are the best fit for you? Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation where we will discuss your #1 health issue and how we can work together to improve it.

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Phone/Skype Consultations

All my consultation sessions involve discovery, discussions, and multidimensional recommendations.  My focus is on finding and teaching you how to apply strategies, techniques, and remedies that meet your specific needs and which support your goal of moving towards and reaching optimal health. The options below are meant only to give you a guideline for choosing how I can most effectively help you. Most often a combination is what works best.  


Holistic Health Consultations

During holistic health consultations, we discuss  your symptoms and I make recommendations for choosing and properly using natural remedies as well as simple healthy lifestyle changes. This is a good choice if you are generally healthy but have a particular issue that is bothering you. You can schedule one session or for best results purchase a package of three.

Wellness Coaching

Coaching sessions  include ongoing support as well as help developing an integrated program for self-help.  This choice fits well for anyone serious about improving their general health or for people who are dealing with long term ailments such as fibromyalgia or other immune system dysfunctions.  The coaching/maintenance package includes 12 bi-monthly sessions.

Body-Soul Consultations

During body-soul consultations, we delve deeper and add an energetic/spiritual component. We discuss the underlying causes behind your symptoms and I help you develop a more heightened awareness of the body-soul connection.  This choice is a particulary good fit for stress related illness and when long term relief is desired. I often incorporate these sessions into coaching packages and they are particularly effective when combined with energetic therapy.   


Energetic Therapy

In these hands-on (on the island of Maui) or remote sessions, we restore the body’s natural ability to self-heal through a rebalancing of your vital life-force. People often experience deep relaxation as well as increased health and wellbeing. Results can include pain relief, stress relief, increased energy, improved mood, and accelerated natural healing.  I often suggest energetic therapy sessions as adjunct to body-soul consultations. By combining the two methods we can most effectively restore your body’s natural balance, enhancing and quickening overall wellness results.



Single Session: $135

Three Session Package: $385

Coaching or Maintenance Package of 12: $1,500


My hands-on personal and group energetic therapy sessions are held at the Wailea Healing Center on the island of Maui.

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