Sleep is the Key

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How is the quality of your sleep?Are you getting enough? Do you stay asleep? Want to get your brain functioning better  and slow down your aging process? Sleep is the key!

Purify Your Air

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Put 4 ounces of water (ideally distilled) into a clean, empty spray bottle. Add 8 drops of essential oils. Turn the bottle upside down a few times to blend.  Spray around the room!




It is also good for respiratory issues, kills infections, supports the digestive system and relieves mental fatigue.



Worried about catching viruses? Remember to eat clean (staying away from sugar and too many grains), hydrate, make sure you are getting vitamin D, use immune system boosters like vitamin c, wild oregano oil, zinc, peppermint or ginger tea and get plenty of rest. If you do get down, there are some good homeopathic remedies on the market.