The Spiritual Energetics workshops I offer are for those with limited knowledge in Torah studies and Jewish mysticism. They can be facilitated in a brick and mortar or cyber setting and can be tailored to fit your group's needs. My goal is to give students a taste of the wonders inherent in adopting a kabbalistic view of reality and to inspire them with a desire to not only learn more, but to internalize what they learn and apply the principles to their lives


The Spiritual Energetics of the Seasons

The goal of this workshop is to promote an awareness of the varying energies that flow in the world throughout the year. Participants will learn when specific energies are most available from a Kabbalistic perspective and will discuss various ways to harness these energies and manifest the divine qualities into our own lives.


Kabbalah on One Foot – Intro to Mystical Thought

The goal of this workshop is to offer a taste of the beauty and freedom that comes from adopting a Kabbalistic/mystical view of existence. Participants will learn about and discuss the basics of a metaphysical system that gives us a greater abstract picture and poses answers to who we are and why we are here.