What People are Saying


Kupuna Auntie Puanani Mahoe, Maui, HI

"Shayna’s work is real. What she does is very real. Her work is genuine and happening. She is grounded and groundedness is truth. She is ‘oia’i’o / truth and people are getting that from her."        

Shlomo Philips, Chattanooga, Tennessee

"Shayna is awesome. I have known her for several years and can assure anyone that she is exactly as she presents herself and her services."

Phill Schmidt, Kihei, HI

"I had just been out on a 5-mile run when something went horribly wrong. When I started stretching my lower back completely froze. The pain was excruciating, so much so I could not move from the floor. I was unable to even sit up. I was frightened and angry while wondering what my future would be like. I spent the first day laying on my stomach then I contacted Ms. Naveh for a visit. She told me she would be bringing a massage table. I was really looking forward to the treatment. She arrived, set up the table and had me crawl on as best I could. She began asking me questions and I could feel her presence but no massage. She began vibrating a tuning fork and this is where I really got confused. I was supposed to be getting a massage in my mind and immediately became disappointed and pessimistic. I am an objective, science-driven IT manager that was frankly unimpressed with the kind of techniques used on me that day. Ms Naveh changed all that. Never in my life would I have expected the results I got within minutes of her arrival.  This was almost 2 years ago, if it ever recurs I will be calling her and no one else.
Her techniques eliminate the need for opioids and the pain."

Ruby Ayers, Kihei, HI

"I want to say Mahalo for all the love and energy Shayna and Rebecca put into my two therapeutic energetic therapy & massage sessions. They were the best sessions I have ever experienced. I have traveled many places worldwide and experienced many types of energy work. After two of the combination sessions, seven days apart, my body had a healing crisis and released an awesome amount of toxins. After suffering from right knee and leg pain for months, and intense pain on Saturday, the pain left after the release. This miraculous healing is a testament of your marvelous work. I felt very nourished after our sessions and replenished. The loving energy given to me made me feel renewed. I heartily recommend the combination of energetic therapy and therapeutic massage. It worked wonders for me in only two sessions. My time and money was well spent."