Jewish healing

Positive Anger

Don’t be afraid to express righteous indignation in a constructive manner.

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Positive anger expresses, from the depths of the soul, care and concern and has the power to transform our reality for the better!



Bk 3 D 9

Controlling our Thoughts

Do you find yourself having negative thoughts sometimes?


When I have negative thoughts I like to try to reframe the thought in a positive way. Sometimes it is hard but if we get creative we can do it. In this way we can control our thoughts.



Bk 3 D 8

Be Authentic

Authenticity thrives on self-expression.


Try making a list of all the things you enjoy doing that you are good at. Then choose one item and allow yourself to do that in a way that expresses your individuality.



Bk 3 D 7

Free to be Me

Many times what holds us back is a fear that if we present our true self to the world we will be viewed as lacking.

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Try working through this fear by acknowledging to yourself that you have what to offer the world in a way that no one else other than you can.



Bk 3 D 6


Once we begin to ascertain what is holding us back it is imperative that we address the concept of self-love.

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Like last time, try quieting your mind, placing your hands over your heart, exerting a slight downward pressure, and while breathing gently think about all the wonderful aspects of your uniquely special body-soul.



Bk 3 D 5